Kelly Turner

Transpersonal Life Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Speaker


Kelly’s career begun in the NHS, working with parents, mentoring staff and delivering training. She holds a Nursing Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing, Life Coaching Certifications and Energy Healing Certification.

Kelly left her career in the NHS feeling burnout, lost and she didn’t know who she was. Kelly nervous system was heavily active in flight and fight mode. This turning point in her life was a gift because she was not living her truth. Kelly had been a people pleaser and perfectionist that were survival psychological traits that she was unconscious too.

Her own journey has taught her that the answers are inside ourself. Following completing various trainings, Kelly now offers space to other individuals to self connect, find their own answers and enhance their wellbeing in the process. Kelly believes the relationship with ourselves is the foundation for everything else to grow from.

Kelly describes herself as a student of life and explores Western and Eastern Psychology, Somatic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Poly Vagal Theory, Neuroscience, Spirituality.

Kelly has provided wellbeing talks, been a key note speaker with Life Coach University and has a published article in the Transpersonal Handbook 3rd edition.

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